Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fun weekend! It was my mom's birthday on Saturday the 29th so Erich, Megan and kids came up on Friday night to celebrate. We had dinner and yummy chocolate cupcakes that night. Saturday morning we all (unfornutaley we didn't have Adi girl) went out to breakfast at the new restaurant called Moms. It was very yummy! After that we headed to the fair. The kids loved all of the animals. Holden was too little to go on any of the rides except for the carousel and for some reason he was even a little timid on that. I tried to take him to ride on a pony but when I went to put him on it he screamed. Maybe next year? Evan went on the ferris wheel for the first time and loved it. He also went on the Scrambler for the first time and it was with me! It was tons of fun! On Sunday we ran (okay, drove) down to Roseville in search of some favors for my cousin's bridal shower and then on Monday I went to lunch and a movie with my girlfriends to celebrate Allison's birthday!!!

Mmmmm...yummy chocolate!

It wasn't our weekend with Adi, but we ended up
seeing her and Steve at the fair anyway!

Loving the farm animals!

Kickin' back with Lauren after a little swim.

Giving her a little smooch!

What a ham!

Lunch with the girls!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Babes and Motorcycles

Last Saturday, May 22, my mom and I took Holden and Adi to the Harley Davidson event at the assisted living house where my grandpa is living. Holden loves motorcycles and points them out whenever he hears or sees one, so I thought he would love it and I was right. I thought Adi might get a little bored, but she ended up on 3 of the bikes and had a blast! She's our little "no fear" girl! We almost got grandpa to take a ride, but his legs weren't cooperating. It was a great time.

Live to Ride!

Our neighbors came along, too...Holden and Lauren...

could there be another photo like this 25 years from now?

"Mama, mama, mo!"

Later that same evening, we cruised over to the Borges' for a BBQ with them and the Mullins family. We all had a great time! The kids, especially, had a blast playing with all of the fun things outback - jump house, trampoline, playhouse, sand box, golf set, etc.!!! The dinner was excellent and the company was awesome! I love our friends so much!

HJ found some chocolate in his snack cup and had it

all over him by the time we arrived!

HJ and Brayden bouncin' around!

Holden loved this trampoline!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Easter 2010

Forgot to blog about our Easter! We had a wonderful Easter this year! We started the morning off at my Grandpa's assisted living home where they had an egg hunt and some other games for the kids. Adi had so much fun playing the egg toss game with me and she won the m&m's in a jar game! Holden picked up his first egg and said "ball" and then threw it! Good thing it was plastic. Then we went to my parent's for another egg hunt and lunch. A great day!

The Mower

So, lots of kids get attached to a "lovey" such as a stuffed animal or a blanket, but our sweet Holden seems to be attached to lawn mowers (and tractors!!!). He fondly refers to them as "mow" and he can't get enough of them! He loves to watch people mow the lawn, especially the big ride on mowers because they look like tractors. He loves to help daddy and grandpa mow, and sometimes we even have to bring mower in the car with us. Boys will be boys.

Yes, the mower is actually going for a ride with us...I know, not the safest.
Dude, check out that hair!!

Getting ready to help daddy mow!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March Wrap-up

March was a busy month for us. Adi started softball and has been busy with practice and of course getting to know all of the girls on her team. One girl in particular, Molly, has become a fast friend and the girls have had a few play dates. Lance is helping coach her team and he's having fun with it. Brayden, the son of our friends Allison and Reece, turned one on March 2 and Siena, the daughter of our friends Emily and Gabe, turned one on March 24 so we got to celebrate both birthdays, which was lots of fun. We also took a trip to Roseville to visit Erich and family, I took the kids to a few different playgrounds during Adi's spring break, and we played outside whenever the weather would allow it.

On the rides at Chuck-E-Cheese's for Brayden's 1st birthday!

Birthday boy Brayden!!

Not feeling very well at Siena's 1sth birthday.

Birthday girl Siena!

Future cake baker. Daddy downed this cake in two bites!

Our Honeybee before her first game!

Our little slugger! This game was sooo windy and cold!!!

Mowing Uncle Erich's lawn with Grandpa!

We love our new slide!!!

Captain of the ship at Caper Acres.

Having so much fun and getting soaked at the same time!

He found the ice cream container in the freezer
while I had my back turned and was diving in!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break and St. Patrick's Day

Adi had the week off from school for spring break and she hung out with us for most of the week. We had lots of fun playing outside in the very awesome warm weather! We played with bubbles, sidewalk chalk, the jeep (automated car), walks in the park and a couple of playgrounds!
The kids and I also celebrated St. Patrick's Day by wearing our green, making green cupcakes, coloring four leaf clover pictures and even making daddy corned beef and cabbage! I don't normally go all out for this holiday, but it's fun when you have kids!

Fun with sidewalk chalk making little masterpieces
right where daddy parks.

Mmmmm yummy....and yes, vegan!

Adi and her new friend, Molly, her teammate on her softball team.

Lot's-o-fun wearing green and cruisin' in the jeep. Poor little HJ took quite a spill a little later and scraped up his chin pretty good....and he had just removed his helmet that little stinker.

Holden and next door neighbor, Lauren.